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Stuck in english class. I am so bored. The teacher is making us do…

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does he
Stuck in english class. I am so bored. The teacher is making us do this stupid assignment where we have to write down ten things that amuse us. I hate homework especially english homework. Fine here we go...

1. Hmmm...Ah! The screams and squeels of the highschool girls when I have succesfully pulled a prank. It's music to my ears. There's also the indignate and angry looks on their faces. All red and I swear sometimes you can actually see smoke coming out of their ears. Or the threats, "You'll pay for this, Axel." "Axel you're a dead man!" *evil cackle* Not a single threat has ever been carried through. I escape unharmed everytime.

2. That wonderfully sexy, angry look that Ri-kun gets when I tease him about being girly. Not that he's the least bit girly, in any way. It's just so much fun to tease him about it. His eyes get all hot, his fists clench and he threatens some of the most amusing sounding punishments. *grins*

3. That vein in the Deans forhead. It throbs everytime he yells at me about attendence or one of my practical jokes. I wonder if it's a sign of high blood pressure. He should really see a doctor about that.

4. Roxas and his never ending battle against the fangirls. What can I say it's hilarious to watch someone like Roxas run from a mob of cooing girls.

5. Hot tubs. Enough said.

6. Ri-kun, again, when he blushes. Finding just the right words to bring that wonderfull pink tint to his cheeks. Such a rare and wonderful treat.

7. Hmm... I'm sure there's more... Ah, my motorcycle. Speed, power and a means of escape. Nothing like speeding down the road at O'dark thirty with no one around and only the wind for company. Bliss.

8. Fire, yes fire amuses me. Seeing the wood slowly disentigrate into ash. I like watching the colors flow one into the other as the light grows and subsides. I wonder what Ri-kun would like in firelight as the colors reflected from his pale skin. Hmm, nice.

9. Dancing at Awakening that hot new club. Pounding music, moving bodies, a sea of hormones. The place is always packed and the music always rocks. I should ask Ri-kun to go with me. Yeah, I'll do that.

10. Finally the last one... and I can't think of a thing. Oh I know, plotting devious and fun things to do. Coming up with pranks or ways to tease people. The process of formong these plans is almost as much fun as actually putting the plans in action.

Ha, after rereading this I'm not sure I should turn it in. I mean it would be funny to see the teacher turn red as he reads it but then he'll send me to the dean again. Oh and Riku might get pissed if he ever found out. Choices. What should I do?
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